I Wanted to let you all know my new blog address. I am still learning the new site. The new addess is http://zanderandbreck.wordpress.com

Thanks for all your support!


Moving on...

I am working on a new blog and will soon be moving to that one. I will update you on the new address when I am finished.


Please Vote

Our Home Team at church has recently started to volunteer our time and resources to this great cause. The woman who runs this makes 40 kids supper 4 nights a week and much more. What a HUGE task. So our home team divvied up and helped make a meal every Monday for a month. And hoping to continue this fall.

They have run out of space and so if you could vote for this cause they would have a chance at winning 250k to find a bigger place, feed these kids...but also mentor to them.

You can vote everyday! So please vote!


Updated Look

Well, its been quite a while since I last posted. So I thought it was high time to get a new post on this thing.

You might notice a few changes. This is my free version of a new look, maybe someday when I feel like spending the money I will have a nice blog. But until then, this will have to suffice.

I did make some recent changes to my website though! Something I have been meaning to do for months now. I still have several more images to upload, especially to my family gallery, to add to on the site. But I hope to get those up in the next couple weeks.

But here is a preview of the new face on my website. www.ZanderandBreck.com


Happy Birthday My Sweet Boy

My baby is two years old! And I attempted to be domestic and creative...well...it looks more disastrous then anything but it still tasted yummy. (If you are trying to figure out what it is - its Mickey Mouse...)

Cohen had to help a little - Landen's blowing was all downwards, lol.
And yes - we hit terrible two's! This is what I found shortly after breakfast the next morning...he managed to unsnap the container, get a spoon - and yes, dig in! Here is the guilty look! Caught!

Here is the aftermath....


Cohen's Room Redo

I was bored Sat. and decided to tackle Cohen's room. I mean, besides the fact that the walls are FILTHY...no boy should be sleeping in a light pink room. Sorry bud.

So here is the before...

And here are the afters...( we are doing a super heros room...without over doing it.) The photos dont do it justice - maybe if I get some good lighting I will take a better after pic. But its still an improvement from the top photo!

Happy Valentine's

So yesterday Aaron and I realized we didnt have buns for lunch. So a quick stop to Krogers and 2 entries later...we won this!

Came with 2 $50 bottles of wine/champagne, $100 worth of roses/stargazer lilies, Chocolate covered strawberries, chocolates,and $30 worth of prime rib steak...of coarse in the shape of a heart :)

So pumped! Total worth $250.


Before & After...

So I finally have a couple before AND after photos...lots of before photos of everything. Hate to say it, not so many afters. Possibly because there are no afters on many of them.

But my loving father helped build me a GORGEOUS mudroom. Yes I am a northerner...we like our mudrooms. Whats not to like? I have learned that people in the south dont even know what a mudroom is. Not even the term mudroom. Haha, so sad.

Here is what it was....and what it now is. :) STORAGE, HOLLA!

And I also have 3 dressers to work on, one rocking chair, a desk(almost done), and a cute table. Not to mention I still have to paint 4 bedrooms, one stairway and hall. Paint the mudroom, office, and 3 bathrooms...so I have a LOT to keep working on. All in due time.

Here is the before and after of my $10 tv cabinet I found at a local thrift store.


Old Town Spring Session

I had the chance to photograph the cutest little girl, whom I might add is packed full of energy, spunk, and even a lil sass. You can't help but feel complete joy and amusement with her. What a ball of energy. And she had the most gorgeous mama! Might I add - totally jealous of her hair! Such a fun photo session! Well, I could do without the freezing temperatures! Even my speech was slurred due to the coldness. I moved from MI to the south with hopes of leaving such horrid weather. And it found me!

Either way - I was introduced to this cute family and the cutest town called Old Spring. Here are some photos.


Save the Date Workshop

Just a warning, this will be a LONG post due to too many photos posted.

I am also so proud of myself, I finally took the time to learn how to make a storyboard with my logo on it! Woohoo! Makes uploading WAY easier!

(I apologize I am a stream of conscience writer - whatever I am thinking I write with very little thought to the fact that it NEVER FLOWS! Must be the A.D.D coming out. Please bear with me as I struggle to learn better writing habits)

So here is what I did Sat. besides the amazing shoot with Matt & Jill's Family. I did a workshop! First one ever. It wasn't the type where they teach you the whole time but rather had models and location. But we had a chance to learn new lighting techniques and poses. And I learned a very important lesson with my camera! YEAH! Should help me in my photography.

We had several models but for whatever reason I kept changing to different locations and getting the same 6-8 models. And these were my fave images so that's all you're gonna get to see :)

Some of these images are a bit different then I have done - but it was nice to have something to add to the portfolio that wasn't like all the rest. Hope you enjoy!

**click images to enlarge**


Matt & Jill Family

Its official - I need to do back exercises! Between shooting an AM session yesterday and then shooting from 2pm-dusk...my back kills! But it was definitely worth it!

Matt & Jill are friends of ours we met at our church when we joined a hometeam. We had only been to the church once (and only lived in TX one week) and hometeams (small group) were starting! Well, Aaron and I talked about it and said...we need to join b/c we dont have any friends, and connecting with the church will be a good start.

I went home, searched groups in our area roughly the same age as us with kids. God is nothing short of miraculous when we selected Matt & Jills group. Of the 7 families it consist of almost all little boys roughly the same age as ours. It has been such a blessing getting to know all of them as a group and individually. I can remember the first meeting alone with them...I felt so much like an outsider! Now 10 months later I can say that they are my closest friends and would call them for ANYTHING!

Well here are some photos of their ADORABLE family! Their oldest boy happens to be Cohen's best friend as well. We see him often...church, school, hometeam. :)